Birding ASA Wright

I can’t count the number of trips I’ve made to ASA Wright in the past, and each time I see a new bird to check off my list. This day, they were out in all their splendid glory. I was invited to accompany a friend to ASA Wright as she was acting as tour guide …

Toco Here We Come

When your friend randomly suggests a drive to Toco, what else can you say other than an emphatic YES! I’ve not been to Toco since I was a child, so I was eager to explore. I have one memory of being in Toco with my father carrying me out passed the deep waters to a shallow …

A Trip to the Zoo

It has been such a long time since I visited the Bronx Zoo, that I took this opportunity to share the experience with someone who has never been there. I love zoos and nature in general, so I was super excited to make the trip. After some delays, we finally got there (3 hours later!).

Blue tent on elevate platform with open campfire

Camping is Such Fun!

As a kid I didn’t go camping. It wasn’t a “thing” to do where I grew up. One time we did spend a weekend “Down The Islands”, but my memory of the weekend is lost. The only evidence of the trip is one picture I still have. I did my 1st camping trip as an …

Shawangunk Ridge

What a Hike! Whew, I certainly felt the burn. It was the best type of fall day for a hike. Not too hot, not too cold and the sun was shining brightly!

Adventures in Film

Shooting film has its own rewards. I don’t remember when I started this roll, or when some of the images were taken, but it was truly an experience to look at the images captured. I only wish I developed the roll myself and was able to process some prints myself too.  

Rubik's Cube

Puzzle Love

The Rubik’s Cube has long since been one of my favorite toys. As an adult, I still have a couple always within reach. As a child the way to solve was to break it apart and put it back together. A long while ago I learned how to solve it and now I can do …