• Toco Here We Come

    When your friend randomly suggests a drive to Toco, what else can you say other than an emphatic YES! I’ve not been to Toco since I was a child, so I was eager to explore. I have one memory of being in Toco with my father carrying me out passed the deep waters to a shallow …

  • A Trip to the Zoo

    It has been such a long time since I visited the Bronx Zoo, that I took this opportunity to share the experience with someone who has never been there. I love zoos and nature in general, so I was super excited to make the trip. After some delays, we finally got there (3 hours later!).

  • Family Reunion

    Always cherish the time you have with the family who has always been there for you.  

  • Camping is Such Fun!

    As a kid I didn’t go camping. It wasn’t a “thing” to do where I grew up. One time we did spend a weekend “Down The Islands”, but my memory of the weekend is lost. The only evidence of the trip is one picture I still have. I did my 1st camping trip as an …